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The power of Online MBA from Jaro Education 
Acquiring an MBA degree is not just about merely getting a degree or adding a new skill, it is about developing a new vision to view things from a new perspective. Irrespective of what the problem is, it could be increasing the sales of your company or structuring a new deal for your company or improving the customer relationship of your company, MBA is more than a toolbox, it is the power to see the larger picture and changing the picture by adding your valuable inputs to it.

Online MBA or traditional MBA 
While pursuing a full-time MBA from a top B-school is useful, it is not always the most practical solution for busy working professionals, busy housewives, aspiring entrepreneurs or students intending to begin their career. The next best option to a traditional MBA is enrolling for an online MBA course. Today due to the widespread usage of the internet , the online medium is becoming very popular and institutes like Jaro education are imparting education through the online medium

Jaro Education provides a two-year, well-integrated online MBA program, in collaboration with the Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. The program offers you a deep insight into the various aspects of Management through video lectures that are made available online. It also provides the entire study materials to the students and imparts education through the best industry speakers. .

Recognitions and Accreditations 
Jaro education is an accredited institute and enjoys accreditations from several national and international accrediting bodies, like WCI (World certification institute), IADL (international association for distance learning), MCA (ministry of corporate affairs, Govt of India), USDLA (United States distance learning association), UKAS (United Kingdom accreditation services, JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation services for Australia and New Zealand. Moreover Ulyanovsk State University with whom Jaro education has a tie-up is listed in IAU (international association for universities). It has also cleared the Ministry of manpower pass of Singapore for employment in Singapore. All these accreditations and recognitions make an MBA from Jaro education as good as an MBA from a top B-school.

Highly affordable degree 
The course fees of a full-time MBA costs lacs of Rupees, whereas the online MBA from Bharathiar University provided by Jaro education costs less than half the amount. 

Placement assistance provided 
We provide you with hundred percent placement assistance whether you are seeking a job in India or overseas. We can proudly state that some 300 employees from TCS are pursuing MBA from Jaro education; similarly other employees working with some top multinationals like IBM, Reliance, Cap Gemini and many others are also pursuing MBA with us. Thus, the online MBA provided by Jaro education serves as the Best Online MBA in the country. It gives you not only an MBA degree but also gets you job in your chosen field and helps you make a mark in your professional field.